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Aeroflot Business Class 2021 | Airbus A320 from Moscow to Krasnodar | World’s Best Airlines

Aeroflot is undoubtedly Russia’s best airline. I have experienced Aeroflot’s business class product on international routes; however, this is the first time I have flown business class on a domestic flight.

Ground Experience

This two hour flight from Moscow to Krasnodar departed from Terminal B of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. This has always been my airport of choice. I am not a big fan of Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports.

Terminal B is Sheremetyevo’s domestic terminal. It commenced operations in 2018 and is currently the most modern and beautiful of Sheremetyevo’s terminals. It is even better than the current international terminal (although there are currently plans for extensive renovations). It is one of the best terminals I have been in (domestic or international).

Most of Aeroflot’s domestic flights depart from this terminal and there is one big check-in area with multiple lanes for all flights regardless of destination. The business class check-in area is towards the end, before the security area. Red carpet welcomes you as you check-in, which was a breeze, and you then proceed to the security area which similarly did not take that long. In my experience, service at Sheremetyevo has always been quick and efficient (both at check-in and collection of baggage (even quicker than my experiences at Singapore’s Changi airport (I used to lived in Singapore so I have considerable experience)).

Business Class Lounge

Business class passengers can use either the Kandinsky or the Rublev Lounge. For this flight, I have used the Rublev Lounge (which is considered the better one of the two). In fact, this is one of the best business class lounges I have been in the world (even more impressive given that this is only a domestic lounge).

The terminal was designed by M&R Interior Architecture, which is famous for its works in Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. The design draws inspiration from Russia’s architectural heritage, with onion dome structures resembling St. Basil’s Cathedral. There is a spa, a TV room and enough seating for up to 456 people. There is also a 34 metre long buffet – recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest buffet of any business class lounge in the world.

The terminal is busy but it did not feel crowded. The high ceilings and panoramic windows provide the space with an air of sophistication and also provide excellent views of the planes on the tarmac.

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin for this domestic flight only has 8 seats. Aeroflot’s A320s come in three seat configurations. Most international flights have 20 business class seats.

My seat was 2F – the last window seat to the plane’s right. I usually select the last seat in the cabin. In my opinion, it offers the most privacy of all the seats – although this means being served last and occasionally not getting your first choice of mains (which happened to me in multiple occasions).

The seats (in a 2 x 2 configuration) are pretty comfortable and spacious. It has a pitch of 38 inches and a width of 21 inches. Economy seats have a pitch of 30-32 inches and width of 18 inches. Aeroflot’s A320 business class seat configuration is definitely better than other European airlines (where the seat is standard economy on a 3x3 configuration and the middle seat is just left empty e.g. British Airways and Lufthansa). I would say that Aeroflot’s business class offering for domestic and short-haul international flights is the best compared to other European airlines.

Note however that there is no in-flight entertainment screens on Aeroflot’s A320s. A personal handheld device is offered on international flights; however on domestic flights this service is not available. Given the short journey, this is not much of an issue.

There is also no personal amenity kit or slippers (which is not expected for short trips like this; however, other Russian airlines offer this e.g. Nordstar Airlines which I have flown recently).

Food and Service

As expected from Russia’s flag carrier, the service is friendly and professional. Welcome drinks were offered immediately upon boarding. Food was served shortly after take- off. It was very efficient.

The menu was considered thoughtfully and the standard is the same as for international flights (the range of alcoholic drinks offered is also the same).

There is white linen service with silverware. For my starters, I had the shrimps with broccoli and squash with Yuzu sauce. The shrimps were not overcooked and there was certainly good flavours. For my mains, I had a stuffed chicken breast with bulgur and vegetable and white wine sauce. While the chicken was not bad and was delicately flavoured, the presentation could certainly be improved. For desserts, I had a vanilla ice cream.

For a two hour domestic flight, I was certainly impressed. Aeroflot is one of the world’s best airlines and this is certainly the case for its hard and soft products. I cannot wait to try its A350 and experience a long haul flight with Aeroflot. Stay tuned.

Aeroflot BUSINESS CLASS 2021 | Airbus A320 from Moscow to Krasnodar | World's BEST Airlines



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