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2nd BEST RESTAURANT in Russia | Dining at Twins Garden Full Tour | World's Best Restaurant

Based on the World’s Best Restaurants list, Twins Garden is the second best restaurant in Russia. It is ranked no. 19 in the world. This is my second time in Twins Garden. My first time was almost two years ago and I remembered my experience then as incredible and have been recommending this restaurant to my friends ever since. I thought it is time to return and experience this restaurant once again.


Twins Garden is located along Strastnoy Bulvar which makes up part of the Boulevard Ring – in the middle of the boulevard is a park which is popular for walking. I have seen this road design in many parts of Russia and I think it should be employed in more cities around the world.

The restaurant itself is located on the 7th and 8th floors of a mixed used building and accessed through a private access door on its right side. The hallway leading to the lifts promises to take you to another dimension – its wood tech-ish design reflects the restaurant’s concept – a symbiosis between science and nature. Perhaps, this is behind the restaurant’s success – a promise of innovating Russian cuisine by employing modern techniques on fresh high quality produce. Most of the produce used in this restaurant are actually derived from a farm owned by the restaurant’s twin chefs – Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky.


Upon reaching the 7th floor, you will be welcomed by a big open kitchen. It is fun to watch the team at work. I think having an open kitchen is a clever idea and is certainly becoming popular. Selfie (the 3rd Best Restaurant in Russia and No. 65 in the world according to the World’s Best Restaurants List), another restaurant which I reviewed, also has a big open kitchen.

However, perhaps, one of the best features of this restaurant is the views. It is just breathtakingly beautiful. At night, it is even better. I would definitely recommend reserving early and getting a table by the window. Although, we were not seated by the windows and we still had an amazing experience. The huge panoramic windows also let the outside in and give the restaurant a light and open feel – much like an open farm.


There is choice of two set menus (‘Vegetables’ or ‘Redicover Russia’) and an a la carte menu. We opted for the a la carte menu; although I would love to try one of the set menus in the future.

To start, we were given a complementary starter of a crab meat ball with a citrus coating. It is refreshing. The citrus punches a zing to the crab meat and brings you to the nights of summer.

I then had the pumpkin soup with sea urchin caviar. The sweetness of the soup balances well with the briny taste of fresh sea urchin. I am not the biggest fan of this starter however, although, I do not hate it either. Perhaps, it is the combination of these two ingredients – pumpkin and sea urchin. It is pleasant but it is not something that will wow you. I would recommend that you try the other starters on offer.

For mains, I had the prawn vareniki (dumplings) with stracciatella cheese, tangerine and crab sauce. Now, this main course will wow you. It certainly elevates the Russian vareniki to another level. The saltiness of the cheese and the kick of the tangerine goes well with the prawn and the crab sauce adds a layer of bold flavor to the dish.

For dessert, we had the honey cake with persimmon and abkhaz lemon snow as well as the vegan berry and chocolate cake and blackcurrant sorbet. The honey cake is a pleasing reinvention / reconstruction of a Russian classic. It is good but it is not spectacular. The vegan berry cake looks beautiful (in fact, it is one of the best presentations on a dessert I have seen – it is clean, elegant and edgy) and tastes incredible.

As for the staff, you can expect to be treated well. Everyone was professional and we were provided with attentive service.


Twins Garden is an excellent restaurant. The views are amazing and the food is great. Not all items in the menu will wow you but this restaurant will not disappoint you. Is it the second best restaurant in Russia? No - I do not think so, but it is definitely one of the best. I think other restaurants in Moscow such as Savva, Beluga and Buono are better and would advice the team behind the World’s Best Restaurants list to visit and take note.

2nd BEST RESTAURANT in Russia | Dining at Twins Garden Full Tour | World's Best Restaurant



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