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Best Restaurant in Russia | Dining at White Rabbit | No. 13 in the World’s Best Restaurants

White Rabbit is well-known amongst Russia’s gastronomic elite as one of the best in Moscow. It is after all ranked as no. 13 in the world by the World’s Best Restaurants list. It is the highest ranked Russian restaurant in the list, making it by the list’s standard – the best restaurant in Russia. If you take into account the majestic views from the restaurant and its overall atmosphere, the ranking may just be right.


White Rabbit has a central location along Moscow’s Garden Ring. It is opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – one of the Stalin Seven Sisters (landmark skyscrapers built during the Soviet Union – I stayed in one of these buildings: the Hilton Hotel Moscow. Please check out the following youtube link for the full tour). Hilton Moscow | Staying on the TOP FLOOR of this STALIN SKYSCRAPER | Soviet Building

The restaurant itself is located on the 16th floor of Smolenksiy Passage – an upmarket shopping destination in Moscow. Access is through the lifts located toward the back of the shop floor. The lifts will take you to the 5th floor where you can then take White Rabbit’s private lift all the way to the 16th floor.

Upon reaching the 16th floor, you will be welcomed by a giant painting of an aristocratic rabbit. The décor is bordering on kitsch but with an air of sophistication and youthful fun. It is playful, theatrical and magical all at the same time.


White Rabbit is no stranger to the World’s Best Restaurants list. However, its latest ranking of no.13, is the highest level it has ever achieved. It is one of the five Russian restaurants listed in the list (I have visited two of the other restaurants in Moscow - Twins Garden and Selfie - no. 19 and no. 65 in the rankings respectively. Please check out the following youtube links for the full tour).

I plan to visit the remaining two restaurants very soon – Harvest and Cococo (both of which are located in Saint Petersburg). Please stay tune.

The restaurant is headed by Vladimir Mukhin – one of Russia’s young and celebrated chefs. He was ranked no. 9 in the word by the Best Chef Awards.

With such reputation above, we came to the restaurant expecting to be wowed and to be impressed.


There is a set menu and an a la carte menu. We opted for the a la carte menu; although I would make sure to try the set menu in the future. Overall, the menu has a focus on local produce and elevating Russian cuisine.

Our amuse bouche was a buttery cheese concoction. I am not completely sure what it was but it has a consistency of a cappuccino and presented in a small cup (like an espresso). It was good and I was left craving for more.

I then had the King Crab Ravioli to start. The pasta was well-cooked. The portion of crab was generous and the sauce was bold and complemented the fresh taste of the crab. It was beautiful.

For mains, I had the zender fish, cauliflower couscous, poached egg and white wine sauce. When I saw this in the menu, I was perplexed and thought I should give it a try. I never had zender fish nor have I ever tried poached egg with fish (apart from having egg’s benedict with smoked salmon). However, I was pleasantly surprised. The flavours complemented each other well and really showcased the delicate flavour of the zender fish. It was incredible. The fish was cooked well and the flavours won me over.

For dessert, I had the tangerine honey cake with sour cream ice cream. White Rabbit’s version is a reinvention of a Russian classic. It was fresh, vibrant and delicious.

Our server for the night was Emil. He was professional, funny and friendly. You can expect to be treated well in this restaurant.


The restaurant has two main dining areas. We requested to be seated on the lower level with windows facing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The upper level (which is the main and bigger area) has fabulous views of the city and the skyscrapers of the Moscow City business center. The panoramic windows and the glass roof provide a decadent experience. As night falls, the restaurant comes alive and there is a real buzz and energy to the place. The dramatic lighting and décor is great for dates and celebrating important occasions.

The restaurant also has a roof terrace which provides incredible views over the entire city. This is one of the restaurant’s highlights and in my opinion is enough reason to try this place.


White Rabbit is on a different league. If I may be so bold, it is head and shoulders above Twins Garden and Selfie – the other two restaurants in Moscow featured in the list). Is it the best restaurant in Russia? It is hard to tell. Russia has a rich gastronomic scene and I have been to so many restaurants in Russia which could give White Rabbit a run for its money. However, that is not say that White Rabbit is not great. It is an excellent restaurant and without a doubt one of Russia’s best. We came to this restaurant expecting to be wowed and impressed. We were.

BEST RESTAURANT in Russia | Dining at White Rabbit Full Tour | World's Best Restaurant

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